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Temptation Event

Temptation Event ▷ Monthly From 22th to 13th next month



◈ All your posts must be made from the 22th to 13th next month for each event.

◈ You must blog MINIMUM 4 POSTS EACH EVENT .

◈ All the items have to be visible in your posts and make sure that you mention the designers.

◈ Credits must be on the post, or at least a link to a blog post with the image and credits listed.

◈ Tag the Temptation Event Flickr group. Tag the designers and Blogger Manager.

◈ At the end of each monthly round, each Blogger must go to the Temptation Event website and fill out the form to upload their post.
This is a Mandatory.

◈ We appreciate each blogeer, but we are looking for an exceptional and talented blogger with highw quality photos. We will not be looking how many followers that much, instead we will be looking for high quality blog to give the opportunity to new and talented bloggers in our team. If you think you qualify with all this, dont wait and apply!

◈ If, for any reason, you stop posting for more than an event or break any of our other rules, then we may drop you as a blogger at any time with or without notice.

◈ All photos must be submitted to :

Temptation Event

Temptation Event

->You have until the 13th each month to go to the Temptation Event website to upload your posts:


Official website :

For any questions feel free to contact us.

Bloggers Manager:

Amelia ναη ωιтнєℓмιηd ѕιтяα ƒαηg (ayumi23.bracula)

    Do you agree to blog 4 posts per round?*:

    Do you understand that if your photos are not of quality you will not be accepted?*: