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Temptation Event

Temptation Event Designer Form

Temptation Event is an Adult event created by the Gods of temptation team, which aims to incite people to fall into the temptation of our designers.

Glamour, sensuality, lust go together in Temptation Event.
It is an event that satisfies the needs and demands of our adult audience.
BDSM, Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Fetish, Submission, Masochism, Slave, Mistress, Dom, furniture, poses, accessories, collars, boots, heels, lingerie, latex, leather, etc…

The only limit is your satisfaction and your enjoyment!

Now we are looking for naughty designers which want to participate with us to this amazing event.

📌 Temptation Event


We will accept Creators from:

  • Female clothes
  • Men’s clothes
  • Make ups
  • Hair
  • Avatar appearance accessories
  • Tattoos / Skin
  • Shapes
  • Buildings and various
  • Mesh Body and Mesh Head.
  • Animations / Poses
  • House and garden


♥ It is mandatory to put the sign of our event in your store.

♥ Your exclusive item has to follow the theme of the event: Sensuality, Porn, sex, BDSM, Fetish, Temptation, Kink, Lust etc.

♥ You can use fullperm templates to create clothes, hair, nails and accessories, but you must create your own texture.

♥ Exclusive item is required, you can sell your exclusive item when the event is finished.

♥ In the case of the original Mesh creations, we will accept re-texturing and exclusive colors.

♥ No Refunds.

♥ The following scripted objects are allowed: – Caspervend or other vendor scripts, Landmark giver, Social Media buttons, Redelivery, Pose demo (for pose designer).

♥ If your exclusive item is going to be bigger than a normal regular both you can contact us to request the special measure for decoration and furniture.

♥ The set up is from the 15th to the 20th if the designer does not meet these dates, he will be penalized with 1000L$ that will be charged on your booth screen.

♥ Remember that each round it is mandatory to upload the photo of the exclusives to our Discord or to our mail ( to be able to advertise it.

♥ Exhibiting your exclusives in the Bloggers Room is a must, I remind you that bloggers help advertise exclusives and this attracts sales.

♥ All designers that are late on payment or set up, will be excluded from the currently round, and we will check the waiting list.

♥ It’s mandatory to participate in the event at least once in the three months after your application, if you don’t participate in the event in this 3 months, you will be ejected from the event group.

♥ Copyright infringement is strongly prohibited.

♥ Please respect your neighbors. Everyone has their space to place the vendors.


❧ Participation fee:

Sponsor L$4500

-Larger booth with 90 prims.
-First place in the advertising video and in the gallery of the round.
-They will be placed in the description of the event.
-Advertising on social networks and in groups.

Regular L$2500

-Medium size booth with 60 prims.
-They will have the second place in the advertising video of the round.
-Advertising on social networks and in groups.

❧Event Schedule❧

It is a monthly event so it will take the same Schedule each month.

►Set Up: 15th each month at 9 am SLT and finish 20th at 12:00 pm slt.
►Event Opening: 22th each month at 9am SLT.
►Event Close: 13th each month at 3pm SLT.
►Video: 21th of each month by Nivipink.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you ❤

Temptation Event Staff♥

    Are you interested in:

    Please provide for a full perms logo:

    If you are not selected to participate in the round, would you like to be included on the waiting list?*:

    You understand that only will be contacted if you are selectioned?

    You understand that adding your items in the bloggers Room is mandatory?